by Marcel Coenen

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About 25 years ago, early 1990. I was playing guitar for about 7 years and I just joined the band Speedica which brought me into the more professional music business at the time. We played many shows, and we actually went into the studio in 1989 to record 8 songs for an album, but because we had no finances anymore we decided to make it two demo tapes. The recordings in the studio got me inspired to start recording at home.

These songs I mainly wrote somewhere around 1988/1989, some idea’s were meant for the band I was playing in at that time (Dungeon) but the ideas were too progressive already for the band or for Speedica, so the songs stayed instrumental and I decided to make them solo songs, heavily inspired by the albums from the “Shrapnel” record label.

I recorded some songs with a Tascam 4-track cassette recorder that I at the time just got. I did not own a drum machine yet, so I actually bicycled to the rehearsal room of Speedica, took my Tascam with me and I just played the drums on the drumkit of the drummer from Speedica, played the songs out of my head, and later at home I recorded the guitars with it.
I borrowed a bass from someone and also played the basslines.

Now 25 years later I found back the recordings and listened them back, and I actually thought it would be a great idea to re-record these songs with a new production, so there I started. Many people will hear these songs for the first time since they were never released before in any form.

The recordings all took place at my house, except for Ollie’s vocal parts.
I programmed the drums using “Addictive Drums”, the guitars I played through my Line 6 POD 2.0. The bass on “Do Or Die” is played by Yessine Timon Belghith from the Tunesian metalband Carthagods, the rest of the basslines are programmed.

On my first solo CD “Guitartalk” you can also find the song “Rebel”, this song was also from the sime time era as these 4 songs. Rebel is the oldest song on that record.

I hope you like hearing these old songs brought in a new production.
I surely had fun re-recording them !

Marcel Coenen


released September 14, 2015

Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Marcel Coenen.
All songs written by Marcel Coenen.
Vocal Lines and Lyrics “Do Or Die” by Ollie Oldenburg



all rights reserved


Marcel Coenen Eindhoven, Netherlands

Marcel Coenen is the guitarist for the bands Sun Caged, Stormrider, System Pilot and Time Machine. He also has a solo career and recorded two solo CD's and a live DVD, as well as two instructional DVD's.

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